This is my solo music. After ten years of releasing my music independently, starting just me and a laptop and growing into a live show with friends, I’ve settled into a personable rhythm and sound. Folk rock.¬†Sometimes it’s too nostalgic for its own good, and always it is honest.

An endless fascination with musical complexities, tucked away amongst listenable simplicity, drives an ever-growing collection of songs. How many key changes can you get away with before listeners notice? When does an unwarranted time signature change feel like it was always meant to be? Can someone really walk away humming a through-composed melody?

But at its heart, my music is grounded in personal stories, and the generous friends who help me tell them.

As much fun as I had at 16 making music on my own when I first started, I’m having a heck of a lot more fun at 26 playing music with my friends. To honour that, I got my band together, and we recorded a special 10th anniversary version of that first song I put out, way back when.

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