In March 2018 I graduated from the Australian Institute of Music with a Bachelor of Music (Composition & Music Production). Much of that degree was spent focused on film scoring and sound design. Under the tutelage of Sydney-based composer Geoff Russell (who in turn had studied under Michael Giacchino, how’s that for a name drop?) I gained experience working in various stages of post-production; composing to tight deadlines, writing for orchestras, working with directors, mixing for surround sound, the list goes on.

Technical skills aside, what I graduated with was a well-nurtured love of emotive, character-driven storytelling.


Trajectory (2016)
watch the short film or read more about it

Pics or it Didn’t Happen (2016)
revisit the recording session

Third Culture Kids (2018)
interview series by OMF Taiwan

Redolence (2018)
short film by Raghuvaran Venepally
premiered at SFS Film Festival, The Ritz, Randwick

Finale (2018)
short film by Rosie Whatmuff