Childhood, adulthood, each informs the other

Everything about this music video was handmade and homespun; this entire EP was recorded with friends in my living room, mixed by long-time collaborator Maxwell Barlow in his, then the video filmed with my cousins in theirs. It doesn’t get much more personal than this film. Yet somehow, it opened doors in the industry. First, a premiere with Happy Mag. Secondly, selected for Sydney Women’s International Film Festival, where I took home Best Music Video at my first film festival. But my proudest moments have actually been the ones where people shared how the story had resonated with them, and how the song had left them feeling seen. Those small moments felt the biggest of all.

co-starring Lilla Miles
cinematography and colour grading Ro & Anita Miles

mixing engineer Maxwell Barlow, myself, an old neighbour I was incredibly surprised to run into, and a fellow filmmaker (selected for the documentary section) who had the forsight to turn up with a less shiny face than the rest of us