Window Noises


A song about a street

Something occured to me here: I’m a musician, but I also wanted to be making more films. Why not combine the two? The idea was simple: grab some friends (two of whom sing on the track), take a couple cameras, and roam the streets of Glebe. A couple of the girls cobbled together a homemade “kaleidoscope” lensfor the b-camera, to match the title of the EP, and that was all the planning we did. This was a film found in the edit in every possible sense of the phrase. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was learning to combine documentary style filmmaking with my budding interest in music videos.

featuring Elissa Donnellan, Maddi Hawkins, Isobel Knight, and James Hassan
“kaleidoscope” lens filter by Elissa Donnellan and Maddi Hawkins